Companhia Previdente (“The Company”), founded in 1862, is one of the oldest industrial companies in Portugal. On the 1st February 1980, Companhia Previdente became a company owned by shares and was renamed as: Sociedade de Controle de Participações Financeiras (Holding), S.A.

The corporate headquarters stand in Lisbon and the main activity of this new company (Holding) is the management of other companies and, indirectly, their industrial and commercial operations.

From the mid fifties, the company developed a Group that grew rapidly with the acquisition of new businesses and the expansion of those that already existed abroad. It turned into one of the most important Portuguese Groups, with operations in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, covering several activity fields such as: steel wire and derivatives, real estate, bank and insurance.

The industrial activity of the Previdente Group grew mainly on the production and transforming of steel and aluminium through the processes of drawing and stamping, along with the commercialising of those products and similar wire derivatives, and related activities.

Companhia Previdente is currently controlled by Mr. António Simões, the grandson of Mr. António Carlos Simões, who managed the company during a period of rapid development.

When he took over the control of the company, Mr. António Simões did a deep restructuring work, focusing the activity into the transforming and commercialising of steel wire. Subsequently, the Previdente Group divested of its derivative and service businesses to focus on today’s core activities.

During this restructuring process, Companhia Previdente acquired the company Socitrel in 1989. With the aim of expanding the Group activities at a European level, Companhia Previdente acquired in 2004 the companies Emesa-Trefileria and Industrias Galycas in Spain and in 2005 Italcables Spa in Italy. Today, the combined global production capacity of these companies approaches, approximately, 270.000 tons per year.

Despite having already achieved a notable market share on the markets where it operates, the Group continues to strengthen its position by continuous investment in its manufacturing facilities. Additionally, the Group keeps actively searching new opportunities of development through the acquisition of other companies (within and outside Europe) that would enhance the global strategy of Companhia Previdente.

Companhia Previdente – SCPF, S.A., held, on the 31st December 2006, the following active companies:

Social denomination Headquarters
Preside – Sociedade Gestora de Participações Sociais, SA Lisboa Portugal
Companhia Portuguesa de Trefilaria, SA Sacavém Portugal
Socitrel – Sociedade Industrial de Trefilaria, SA Trofa Portugal
Socitrel España, SA Villarreal de Álava Spain
Dial – Distribuidora de Arames, Lda Sacavém Portugal
Fábrica das Antas, SA Porto Portugal
Dinaço – Sociedade Metalúrgica dos Açores, Lda Ribeira Grande Portugal
Companhia Previdente – Serviços e Consultadoria, Lda Lisboa Portugal
Emesa-Trefileria, SA A Coruña Spain
Industrias Galycas, SA Álava Spain
Industrias Metálicas Previdente, SA Alverca Portugal
Espaço 200 – Sociedade Imobiliária, Lda Lisboa Portugal
Italcables, Spa Sarezzo Italy